The 2nd Annual Managers’ Conference


Continuing from the inaugural Managers’ Conference last year, the 2016 event followed on the Partners Conference at the same venue, The Blades, a month later.

The Vision 2020 theme was facilitated in a 3-hour session by Chantell Ilbury, co-author with Clem Sunter of The Mind of a Fox. As Chantell reminded us, the fox is the ultimate symbol of business nous in the 21st century in that it continually re-evaluates the environment, makes decisions and acts, all at speed. The need for awareness, for looking ahead and being flexible in one’s approach to the future has never been greater.

After looking at the ways in which they work, the conference was given an exercise on our business using a template Clem and Chantell use. The four groups then had to feed back their discussion to the group.

In the afternoon, Chairman Clive Noland shared with delegates developments of the past year and the plans ahead.

This was followed by two sessions of Practice Groups (Tax, Forensics, Audit and Practice Management) led by Wasiema, Simon, Darryl and Clive.

It was a rewarding and very full day – especially for those travelling from Cape Town and Port Elizabeth!

There were sundowners on the Upper Deck of The Blades, followed by a superb open air supper at the Boma. Several weary people made their way to an early bed, and quite a few didn’t.