Integrity Solutions

Economic crime is one of the biggest challenges to organisations globally. Businesses continuously review their systems and controls in order to identify and prevent instances of Economic crime, however, these measure alone are not sufficient in managing the risk.

Nolands Forensics offers a holistic solution to Clients – from investigating economic crime; to working with organisations in identifying vulnerabilites and designing and implementing risk improvement solutions.

One such solution is integrity assessments. Through an in-depth analysis, we provide the client with an integrated profile of a prospective or existing employee, covering past behavior and possible future preferences. This provides a client with valuable intelligence, enabling better decision making and risk management, thus lowering the risk of economic crime occurring.

A written, integrated report is provided, using the results of a combination of the following measures, as agreed with the Client:

·       Structured interviews, with integrity measures included

·       CV verification

·       Work reference checks – covering history confirmation; performance levels; integrity displayed

·       Lifestyle checks

·       Criminal record check

·       Credit record checks

·       Qualification verification

·       Driver’s license verification

·       Citizenship / passport / work / residence permit verification

·       ID number verification

·       Online media checks

·       Psychometrics, including an Integrity assessment, and a combination of other instruments as part of the assessment battery

Our solutions are flexible and based on the client’s needs. We are able to provide a complete, integrated solution, or work with established processes and practices within the client’s environment and complement these with additional offerings. We also assess a client’s current integrity assessment process and recommend and provide solutions to improve existing processes.

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