Nolands Student Advisor

The criteria for successful selection


  • The successful applicant will submit his or her application at either these campus activation days (LIST) or online (link); no preference will apply to either
  • The questions being posed relate to the most current socio-economic environment in which the audit profession operates. The successful candidate/s will demonstrate a knowledge and insight into this prevailing environment
  • The successful applicant’s answers will demonstrate a blend of rational, factual knowledge and an innovative and imaginative approach to problem solving
  • The ability to formulate and convey solutions to difficult problems in a concise and clear way will be decisively important
  • The selection panel reserves the right, before a final decision, to ask short-listed applicants to make themselves available for an interview – either in person or online



The Job Description

The duties of the advisor will include the following elements:

  • To lead a face-to-face panel discussion during the term of employment, the subject/s of which will be discussed and finalised with the successful applicant
  • To contribute to and co-ordinate an online/ social media discussion of a monthly topic of interest. This could be industry specific or a topic of wider and more general interest. The topic each month will be agreed between Nolands Marketing and the Advisor each month
  • To proactively put forward topics of specific student interest that Nolands’ social media team can use to generate content
  • For the period of employment, the successful applicant is expected to project the public face of the “Nolands Advisor” including elements such as business cards, LinkedIn descriptors and Facebook Profile


Conditions of Employment

  • Application for the appointment may be submitted either at student activation days on campus or online
  • The employment contract is for a period of six calendar months and will commence on the first day of the month following the appointment.
  • The advisor will be remunerated monthly
  • The remuneration is at a rate of R2000 per month
  • For the duration of the employment contract the successful applicant will represent Nolands and is expected to conduct him/herself in a manner that upholds and enhances the regard and reputation of the company